About Us

A2A Solutions Pty Ltd ( Trading as AUS SHOP IT) is a pioneer in the field of Evolving Technologies, Securing Networks, Securing Clouds, Consultancies, Private Clouds, Public Clouds, Managed Services, Robotics Automation and Infrastructure Management Services. We are Headquartered in Sydney Australia. We offer custom solutions that are created to suit the business needs. We help in setting up new IT Infrastructure or decommissioning equipment. Moreover, managed deployment solutions, We have and come up with the solution that would work for your organization.

AUS SHOP IT leverages strong technology and business resources though a flexible, collaborative engagement model to design and build solutions that are open, cost effective, and precisely aligned with each customer need. Also, we operate as part of a market leading online retail franchise, so our business is based on proven processes and technologies. Which enables us to focus squarely on customer service rather than having to divert attention to dealing with operational or technical issues. By purchasing through an established buying group, we are also able to offer our customer very competitive prices. So, the combination of these two factors enables us to be very competitive in the market. We ship most of our products from all the major cities in Australia. Which means that our Victorian, New South Wales, South Australian Queensland customers enjoy very fast delivery times (2-3) days in metro areas for in-stock items).

Here are some other compelling reasons to shop with us:

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